• Did you know that Push notifications drive user engagement but suffer from low delivery rates?
  • Read on to know how Push Amplification® works.
  • Learn some real-life examples of brands that use Push Amplification® to scale their growth

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There are over 2.2 Million iOS apps and 2.6 Million+ Android apps in the world. While many get downloaded, not all survive. If an app fails to give a user something new to look forward to, their interest in the app gradually dwindles. Only 3.3% of Android apps and 3.2% of iOS apps will have active users, after 30 days of being installed. Push notifications play an important role in attracting the attention of users back to an app and driving engagement. Today, mobile marketers use push notifications to meet a variety of user engagement needs from onboarding new users to driving sales. While push notifications are a great way to drive user engagement, they suffer from low delivery rates. Multiple factors like device-specific notification settings, OEM restrictions, and network issues can cut off a mobile device from a Cloud Messaging Service and these devices end up not receiving the push notifications. A problem that can be solved through Push Amplification®.


Why you need Push Amplification®?


When a mobile marketer launches a push notification campaign, the details are sent to cloud messaging platforms such as FCM(Firebase Cloud Messaging), and APNS (Apple Push Notification Service). These platforms help deliver the notification to an app user’s device. While cloud messaging platforms accept all the notifications that are sent by the marketer, it fails to send them to user devices that are inactive or not connected to the internet.

How does Push Amplification® work?

Push Amplification® enhances the delivery rate of push notifications by detecting the failure in notification delivery and acting as a fallback to the FCM(Firebase Cloud Messaging), thereby delivering the notification to users. This amplifies the overall delivery rates of notifications by delivering notifications to devices that missed receiving it the first time.


You can also view our webinar recording to get a detailed understanding of how Push Delivery and Push Amplification® works:

Ways to use Push Amplification® to drive conversions

With Push Amplification®, marketers can combat the issue of low deliverability and reach more app users, thereby driving greater engagement and conversions. Here are some real-life examples of brands who use Push Amplification® to scale their growth.

1) Reach users who use Chinese OEM devices

Push notifications often go undelivered to some app users due to device level restrictions in certain Chinese OEM devices. These devices are popular in India and South East Asia. In fact, over 51% of the Indian smartphone market comprises of Chinese OEM devices. The OS/ device level restrictions by Chinese OEMs can cut off the mobile device from FCM, affecting the delivery of the push notification to these devices.

As India’s largest online food and grocery store, Bigbasket faced the challenge of low push notification delivery. They were unable to reach and engage app users who used Chinese OEM devices. To overcome this restriction and engage users, Bigbasket used the ‘MoEngage Push Amplification® SDK’ designed to act as a fall back to FCM and reach Chinese OEM devices.  This allowed Bigbasket to reach even those users who use Chinese OEM devices and improve engagement.

Here’s what BigBasket could achieve through Push Amplification®:

  • Improve notification delivery rates by 10%
  • Engage more users and increase conversions by 16%
  • Increase in push delivery for onboarding campaign by 17% that increased LTV and retention

Read the full story here.


2) Improve user engagement and retention

User engagement and retention is a big challenge for any app. With hundreds of choices, it is easy to uninstall an app that no longer interests you. For marketers, push notifications is the most effective way to attract and retain user attention.  The more users you reach with push notifications, the more engagement you can drive.

As a leading over-the-top Video Service provider with over 10 million users on the app, Viu was looking for ways to reach more app users with personalized video recommendations. This, in turn, would boost video viewership, reduce app user churn and make the app more successful. By using MoEngage Push Amplification®, Sherpa, and Dynamic Product Messaging features, Viu was able to reach and engage more users.

How Push Amplification® helped Viu grow its business:

  • 12% More users reached due to increase in push notification delivery
  • 53% Uplift in video viewership from targeted video recommendations.

Learn more here.


Push Amplification® plays an important role in a mobile marketer’s user engagement strategy. Push amplification can help brands reach more users by improving notification delivery to users who otherwise would have been missed.

You too can use Push Amplification® to reach and engage more users. Schedule a demo with our engagement experts here: Request a demo

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Key Takeaways

  • 84% of customers will not receive your Push Notifications if they have not interacted with your app in the last four months
  • Low Push Notification deliverability negatively impacts critical marketing metrics
  • Increased app activity maximizes your Push Notification deliverability
  • Push Notification recency and frequency determine Push Notification reachability and app interaction
  • Device and location-based segmentation improve Push Notification delivery rates
  • Push Amplification™ Plus can give a Push Notification delivery uplift of around 44%
  • Using analytics helps you identify what’s working and establish customer behavioral patterns


Namraata Badheka

Namraata Badheka

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