Push Notification deliverability benchmarks help you understand how many Push Notifications reach your customers in your industry and region and how Push Amplification™ boosts reachability. 

The top ten countries of the world with the most prominent smartphone penetration rates are within the mobile-first economy of the Asian region. As smartphones continue to shape lifestyles and consumer behavior in Asia, consumer brands are using Push Notifications to get noticed and get ahead.

But 40% to 70% of Push Notifications go undelivered in Asia’s fragmented Android markets (Android has a market share of over 80% in this region) due to several reasons

In the Push Notification Deliverability Benchmarks series, we analyze customer data to understand the factors that impact Push Notification deliverability. The data source includes campaigns run by MoEngage customers across 10+ countries who use the platform to drive their Push Notification campaigns.

OEM Vendor Market Share in Asia, 2023

Market share of android device manufacturers in India and Southeast asia

Push Notification Delivery Rates On Android Devices, 2023

A critical factor that impacts Push Notifications’ delivery rates is the OEM manufacturer. Chinese OEMs such as Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo have custom OS built on top of the Android OS. These customizations restrict background app activity. This disconnects your customers’ devices from Google Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).

When devices get disconnected from FCM, many of your Push Notifications don’t reach your customers.

While Samsung and OnePlus devices have better Push Notification delivery rates, Xiaomi and Oppo have significantly low Push Notifications deliverability.

With these devices’ significant market shares in India and Southeast Asia, improving the deliverability of Push Notifications is critical.

Impact of Push Amplification™ On Push Notification Delivery

The charts below show that the Push Amplification™ technology, pioneered by MoEngage, has a significant impact in boosting how many Push Notifications reach your customers across these Android devices. This impact is prominent in Xiaomi, thanks to a deep tech partnership with the brand.

With Push Amplification™, brands have seen an uplift of around 80% Push Notification delivery rates on Xiaomi devices!

FCM-only delivery rates vs push amplification delivery rates
FCM-only delivery rates vs push amplification delivery rates

FCM Push Notification Delivery Across Industries, 2023

Push Notifications’ reachability varies greatly based on the type of mobile app and its usage. This is because different businesses have different frequencies and recency around your mobile app usage. Some apps are used more often than others. For example, Travel and hospitality mobile apps aren’t frequently used as much as shopping apps. 

FCM-only delivery rates across industries

Impact of Push Amplification™ in Southeast Asia

In the charts below, we can see that Push Amplification™ shows a drastic improvement in Push Notifications’ deliverability across industries in Southeast Asia, more so for Entertainment mobile apps.

Push Amplification™ is not limited by the restrictions that the FCM-only delivery route. This translates to your Northstar Metrics growing at scale, with an improvement in customer engagement and conversions. 

FCM-only delivery rates vs push amplification delivery rates | South East Asia

Impact of Push Amplification™ in India

Push Amplification™ has shown a significant uplift in Push Notifications’ reachability across industries in India, more so for India’s booming financial services and higher disposable incomes.

FCM-only delivery rates vs push amplification delivery rates | India


Our data shows that to reach more customers and grab their attention in 2023, Push Notifications’ deliverability is critical in Asia’s competitive landscape.

In the mobile-first economy of Asia, more and more consumers are using their smartphones to browse, shop, communicate, and for entertainment too. Chinese OEMs in Southeast Asia and India have the largest market shares. This is why it’s important that your Push Notifications actually reach your customers. But with higher battery optimization processes and customizations that Chinese OEMs come with, not all of your Push Notifications are delivered to your customers. 

To resolve the Push Notification deliverability challenge, Push Amplification™ was built to improve Push Notification deliverability.


Namraata Badheka

Namraata Badheka

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