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Learn all about low Push Notification deliverability in Asia’s Android market and how MoEngage’s industry-first solution, Push Amplification™, boosts Push Notification delivery rates.

Why Some Users Don’t Receive Push Notifications? [with Examples]

👉  Whitepaper - Boost User Engagement By Maximizing Push Notification Delivery Rates 👉  Download Ebook - E-Commerce App Retention Rates in SEA Our customers have asked us this question time and again about why some of their users are not receiving the notifications sent by them. Why the notifications that

What are Push Notifications? An In-depth Guide For 2022 and Beyond

👉  Watch On-Demand Webinar - Push Notification Benchmark Workshop 👉  Download Report - Push Notifications Delivery Report 👉  Watch Video Tutorial - Boost push notification performance for your Media & Entertainment app Recently, Google listed Push Notifications as an important marketing trend that cannot be ignored by marketers anymore. In

13 Marketing Campaigns and Push Notification Templates for E-commerce Apps [Updated]

As an e-commerce mobile marketer, you will find yourself asking questions like "What is the best time to send a particular notification?", or "What kind of data do I need to track to send relevant messages?", or even "What kind of notifications should I send to my users?". In this

11 Types of Compelling Mobile Push Notifications That Delight Users [Updated]

Think back to the last time you got a beep from your phone announcing contact from the outside world! Be honest: did you succumb to the urge to check immediately? That’s the power of push notifications! In fact, it is interesting to know more about how these push notifications work

Real-world Examples of Push Amplification® Delivering Growth

Did you know that Push notifications drive user engagement but suffer from low delivery rates? Read on to know how Push Amplification® works. Learn some real-life examples of brands that use Push Amplification® to scale their growth Bonus Material Definitive Buyer’s Guide To Customer Engagement Platform [Download Ebook] There are

Understanding Push Notifications Delivery on Android Phones [Webinar Wrap-up]

Push notifications have revolutionized the way brands engage with their customers today. From notifying users about flash sales, or sending reminders about the discarded cart to sending geo-targeted notifications and transactional alerts, push notifications help marketers send customized messages to their users at a lesser cost as compared to SMS.  In a

9 Factors That Influence Push Notification Delivery Rate on Android Devices [Webinar Wrap-Up]

Push Notifications are a powerful tool available for marketers to engage, convert and retain app users. In a MoEngage webinar, Raviteja Dodda, CEO of MoEngage, and Nalin Goel, VP – Products discussed the factors influencing push notifications delivery on Android phones. You can listen to the webinar here or continue reading this article that consolidates the key points from the

Reach your Customers and Increase Retention Rates Using Push Notifications Campaigns

The Importance of Real-time Marketing There truly is no replacement for real-time marketing. With this type of marketing, brands can not only take advantage of peak moments of their business to engage with their customers but also differentiate themselves from their competitors, and improve the overall customer experience. Be it

The Ultimate Guide to Maximize Push Notification Reachability For Your Shopping App

Did you know that 84% of customers will not receive your Push Notifications if they have not interacted with your app in the last four months? A study conducted by MoEngage found that while these customers might have opted-in to receive your Push Notifications, they could still not receive your

Reasons Why Your Push Notifications Fail to Deliver (And Its Crippling Impact on Key Customer Engagement Goals)

Android is the leading mobile operating system, owning 73% of the global market share. But, 40% to 70% of your Push Notifications go undelivered in Asia’s fragmented Android market!  These Push Notification statistics confirm the importance of this channel in driving critical customer engagement and retention metrics. But low Push

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