Push notifications boast of a deliverability rate of 90% and click rates as high as 7x of what you get from emails. 

Moreover, nearly 90% of all consumers in 2022–2023 subscribed to push notifications using mobile devices. High delivery rates and reachability make push notifications an ideal and effective customer engagement channel. 

However, this blessing can become a curse if your message is not on point. Customers can view your brand as intrusive, spam, or dull if you are not careful. 

In this blog, we share ten push notification examples you can take inspiration from, irrespective of your industry –

11 Examples of Push Notifications 

1. Live Updates 

Timely information provides substantial benefits and represents a critical stage in the customer’s purchasing process. When it comes to food applications, consumers anticipate receiving immediate and real-time updates once they’ve made an order, eagerly awaiting their deliveries. We appreciate how Eatstreet promptly conveys pertinent details in an engaging, visually appealing, and appetizing manner.

2. Retargeting Messaging 

The E-commerce company Boxed employs a visually engaging notification to communicate an exclusive, time-sensitive deal for Cyber Monday, featuring compelling, time-sensitive text and a prominent call-to-action. Using a fire emoji in the header and exclamation marks in the notification text strongly emphasizes the main message: consumers are encouraged to return promptly and seize this sale.

3. Acquiring New Consumers

Whether you’re interested in gaining exclusive content subscribers or increasing your email subscription list, utilize push notifications to entice individuals to join. Demonstrate the value they’re overlooking, elucidate the advantages, and motivate them to sign up.

4. Content recommendation

Consumers appreciate recommendations that align with their interests. Over time, as you become familiar with a specific customer’s preferences, commence sending them notifications featuring articles that typically align with their reading habits.

5. Gamification

Let’s be honest, everyone enjoys the sensation of winning. One way to evoke this emotion is by associating it with an accomplishment, whether it’s a tangible achievement or newfound knowledge. By adjusting the wording of your notifications, you can enable your subscribers to experience this sensation. Provide your consumers with reward points, cashback, vouchers, eBooks, or guides in a manner that makes them feel they have attained something significant, something valuable.

6. Personalization

This H&M instance showcases effective personalization. It references a recent purchase and recommends a complementary accessory, making it more compelling than a generic sales notification. For someone who bought a jacket for a specific occasion and wants to complete their outfit, this type of content is highly valuable. It doesn’t have to match the customer’s exact preferences; instead, this push notification prompts customers to consider what might enhance their recent purchase, ultimately motivating them to revisit your website for further exploration!

7. Event-based Notifications

Connecting your brand with ongoing global events can be challenging, but this notification by Minibar about the US election demonstrates a superb approach. It seamlessly aligns with the brand’s playful identity and resonates effectively with their target audience. While it’s a straightforward notification that demands minimal setup, it’s the timing that truly distinguishes it as a smart marketing move.

8. New Product Launch

Shake Shack’s messaging employs an imaginative riddle style to engage the reader’s curiosity regarding an upcoming beverage. The notification even incorporates an adorable shake emoji, suggesting a “sweet” surprise. 

What’s more, the message is not only personalized but also tailored to the local context. By using the regional acronym “NOLA” for “New Orleans,” the brand acknowledges local slang, fostering a sense of connection for residents in that area. Additionally, by employing the second person “you,” the brand establishes an intimate connection with the customer, a strategy rooted in classic marketing psychology.

9. Promotion Delivery

Joe Coffee is an app that enables local coffee shops to process mobile orders and payments without incurring any extra charges. In this exciting notification, Joe Coffee introduces a promotional code to generate anticipation for a new store opened by one of its merchants. Promo codes are a tried-and-true psychological strategy for instilling a sense of urgency, and the notification’s alert bell in the headline emphasizes this time-critical message. 

The message’s content also conveniently provides the precise store location, simplifying the process for customers to seize this enticing offer.

10. Onboarding new customers

Ogun is a construction management application designed for Spanish-speaking consumers, offering straightforward communication and coordination tools tailored for contractors, specialized trades, and renovation professionals.

This concise notification streamlines the consumer onboarding process with a translated, personalized message that inquires whether the consumer has started using the app. At times, a gentle reminder is enough to encourage consumers to return after their initial installation. The notification’s title is succeeded by a brief and compelling pitch, highlighting the app’s value proposition as a combination of a calendar, timesheets, and chat functions all conveniently integrated into one platform.

 Additionally, the notification employs a striking bright orange graphic, enhancing its visibility. When engaging consumers, it’s crucial to reiterate what they can expect upon their return.

11. Leveraging Emojis

Emojis inject vibrancy and emotion into push notifications. Taking cues from apps like Swiggy and Zomato, consider leveraging emojis strategically. For instance, a pizza emoji 🍕 or a flame emoji 🔥 can accentuate a food delivery notification, making it visually appealing and engaging. Emojis help convey emotions and can catch the eye amidst a sea of notifications, increasing the likelihood of customer interaction.

Here is Swiggy maximizing the use of emojis –


Wrapping it Up 

The world of push notifications has evolved into a dynamic and essential tool for businesses, serving as a direct line of communication with their consumers. However, more than half of your push notifications never get delivered due to device and network restrictions within Android phones.

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