Alternatives To Firebase Cloud Push Notifications (FCM)

Choosing between Firebase Push Notification or industry-leading Push Notification delivery boosting Push Amplification™? Here are the detailed comparisons and differences to help you choose.

Leading consumer brands that use Push Amplification™


Key differences: FCM vs. Push Amplification™


  • Audience reachability is 30% to 50%
  • Low Push Notification delivery on Chinese OEMs such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo

Push Amplification™

  • Audience reachability is improved to over 90% Delivery Rate
  • High delivery rates on all Android devices including Chinese OEMs


  • A tool meant for developers and technical know-how required 
  • Tedious setup and difficult to use
    • “Free” Engage suite offers Google Analytics and basic Push notifications
    • Low Push Notification delivery on Chinese OEMs such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo

    Push Amplification™

    • A tool meant for marketers and is a customer engagement platform
    • No technical skills required
    • Easy to use
    • Quick and no-code set-up


    • Multiple breakdowns and downtimes 
    • Inaccurate calculation of deliverability

    Push Amplification™

    • Real-time notification delivery status updates
    • Powerful and accurate analytics


    • Basic support through public forums or Stackoverflow 
    • Developers rely on other developers to get solutions or support
    • Limited documentation and resources

    Push Amplification™

    • Personalized support available
    • Extensive help documentation, tutorials, and more resources
    • Local Customer Success Manager in the same timezone and who can speak the same language


    • No support for rich push templates and content
    • Basic segmentation and personalization
    • Actionable analytics unavailable 
    • Limited triggered campaigns and real-time event-triggers support and updates

    Push Amplification™

    • Rich push templates and content 
    • Powerful and actionable  analytics 
    • Integrated platform with advanced AI support, analytics, personalization, and segmentation capabilities 
    • Seamless real-time triggered campaign support and real-time event triggers


    • 40% to 70% of Push Notifications go undelivered in Asia
    • Push Notification delivery rates of around 45% for Entertainment and Telecom apps in India
      • Push Notification delivery rates are around 69% for E-commerce, Entertainment, and financial services apps in Southeast Asia

      Push Amplification™

      • Push Notification delivery rates of over 80% in industries such as E-commerce, financial services, and travel in India
      • Push Notification delivery rates of over 84% for industries such as Entertainment, financial services, and E-commerce in Southeast Asia
      • Over 90% delivery rates on Xiaomi devices

      FCM Alternative: Push Amplification™

      Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) is a free mobile platform for developers. 40% to 70% of Push Notifications go undelivered with FCM due to various reasons, especially on Chinese OEMs such as Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo.

      But Push Amplification™ is a better alternative and is a part of MoEngage’s insights-led customer engagement platform. This means you have a powerful suite of customer engagement tools and capabilities that also help boost Push Notification delivery rates on Android devices. 

      Here’s why your ROI is higher with Push Amplification™ over a free and restrictive tool like FCM.


      Best-Of-The-Breed Push Notification Deliverability

      Push Amplification™ provides the industry’s highest Push Notification delivery rates on Android devices.

      With FCM, 40% to 70% of your Push Notifications go undelivered.

      Learn more about your Push Notification deliverability benchmarks.


      Built For Scalability and Reliability

      Infrastructure built for scaling high-performance customer engagement for your Push Notification campaigns for Enterprises.

      The restrictions and multiple interruptions that Firebase users encounter in Push Notification campaigns don’t influence Push Amplification™.

      Learn why FCM fails to deliver Push Notifications

      Push Amplification is built to handle large scale campaigns
      Push Amplification with segmentation, personalization, powerful analytics and AI support

      Powerful AI, Analytics, Segmentation, and Personalization Capabilities

      An insights-led automated platform with an accurate and actionable analytics suite, AI-powered segmentation, and personalization capabilities to help you understand, segment, engage and retain customers.

      Get predictive real-time insights on customer behavior and actions such as churn risk, product recommendations, and more! 

      Firebase lacks these capabilities because it’s made for app developers. 

      Learn why Ahamove migrated from FCM to Push Amplification™


      Simplified Setup and Easy to Use

      Firebase Cloud Messaging is a mobile development platform for developers, with negligible support available through public forums such as StackOverflow.

      But Push Amplification™ provides personalized and quick support to paid customers. Moreover, Push Amplification™ is a simple no-code plug-and-play tool for marketers.

      No code set up Push Amplification

      Benchmarks: FCM vs. Push Amplification™

      Success Stories - Brands that have seen the impact of Push Amplification™

      Why do leading brands love Push Amplification by MoEngage?

      High user reachability, boost in Push Notification delivery rates, more customer engagement and conversions, amplified growth, and more! Here’s what some of them have to say!



      How to implement push notification in android using firebase?

      For showing Push notifications there are 2 important things
      1. Registration for Push that generates push tokens.
      2. Receiving the Push payload from Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM) service and showing the notification on the device.
      You can read more here: Configuring Firebase Cloud Messaging

      What is FCM notification?

      Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), previously known as Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), is Google’s cloud service for app developers to send Push Notifications to users across platforms such as Android devices.

      How does Firebase Push Notification work?

      You can use the Firebase Notifications GUI in the FCM console to craft and send your notifications to apps linked to the project. Once you send the notification, your notification is marked as “Sent”. This doesn’t promise that your notification has been delivered to the device. It merely tells you that FCM has received your request to send the notification. FCM then attempts to send the notification to the user’s device. There are many limitations which prevent FCM from delivering your notifications to the users’ devices.

      Is firebase push notification free?

      Yes, while FCM Push Notifications are “free” and the tool is meant for developers,  it doesn’t guarantee that all your notifications are delivered. Moreover, you don’t get insights into your user behavior, accurate analytics and delivery rates, or personalize your notifications.

      Looking to boost your Push Notification delivery rates? Get in touch with us today!