Southeast Asia’s mobile-first economy saw a significant increase in smartphone usage during the pandemic. Having one of the most notable smartphone penetration in the world, the region is estimated to touch 342.1 million smartphone users in 2023.

Now more than ever, it is important for consumer brands in Southeast Asia need to catch their customers’ attention on mobile devices. Push Notifications are an integral part of brands’ marketing toolkit to get eyeballs and stay ahead of their competitors.

But 40% to 70% of Push Notifications go undelivered on the app in Asia’s fragmented Android markets (Android has a market share of over 80% in this region) due to several reasons

In the Push Notifications’ Deliverability Benchmarks for Southeast Asia, 2023, you can understand key benchmarks based on our latest customer data analysis. The data includes campaigns run by MoEngage customers across 10+ countries to drive their Push Notification campaigns.

OEM Vendor Market Share in Asia, 2023

Chinese OEMs are witnessing a rising market share in Southeast Asia. In the chart below, Samsung, Oppo, and Xiaomi have a larger market share in Indonesia. In the Philippines, Oppo, Vivo, and Samsung are the dominant OEMs.

Here’s how various OEMs’ market share stack up in Southeast Asian countries.

Market share of android device manufacturers in Indonesia, singapore and philippines

Push Notification Delivery Rates on Android Devices, 2023

The OEM manufacturer is a key factor that influences the Push Notification deliverability on the app. Popular Chinese OEMs have OS-level customizations that restrict background app activity to save battery life and optimize device performance. This leads to customers’ devices disconnecting from Google Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). This in turn impacts lower the Push Notification delivery to your customers’ devices. 

Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo devices have a lower Push Notification delivery rate compared to Samsung and OnePlus devices. 

With these OEMs’ large market shares in Southeast Asia, it’s critical to enhance the Push Notification reachability.

Push Amplification™ Impact on Boosting Push Notification Delivery

To boost your Push Notifications’ deliverability to your customers’ Android devices, MoEngage pioneered the Push Amplification™ technology.  This boost in Push Notification delivery has the most impact on Xiaomi devices, thanks to a deep tech partnership between the brand and MoEngage.

Push Amplification™ has helped consumer brands achieve over 90% Push Notification delivery rates on a majority of Xiaomi devices!

FCM-only delivery rates vs push amplification delivery rates on android devices

Impact of Push Amplification™ on Boosting Push Notification Delivery Across Southeast Asian Industries, 2023

The type of app and its usage recency and frequency impact Push Notification reachability. The deliverability varies greatly based on the type of mobile app and its usage. The reason behind this is that some mobile apps have higher usage than others. For instance, shopping mobile apps have a higher usage frequency compared to flight booking apps. 

In the charts below, we can see that Push Amplification™ boosts the Push Notification delivery rate significantly across industries in Southeast Asia. Media and Entertainment industries see the highest uplift in Push Notification deliverability.

Push notification delivery rates with push amplification | Industries in southeast asia

Impact of Push Amplification™ on Boosting Push Notification Delivery Rates in Indonesia, Singapore, and Philippines, 2023

Push Amplification™ has shown a remarkable boost in Push Notification delivery rates across industries in Southeast Asia, more so in Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

It’s worth noting that Push Amplification™ gives over 90% Push Notification delivery rates in Singapore

Push notification delivery rates - FCM vs Push Amplification Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines

Impact of Push Amplification™ on Push Notification Delivery Rates and Click Rates, 2023

Apart from boosting Push Notification delivery rates, Push Amplification™ has also shown a significant uplift in Push Notification Click Rates in Southeast Asia.

Push Amplification™ gives Click Rates of over 5% in Singapore with over 9% uplift in Push Notification delivery rates.

Impact of push amplification on push notification metrics southeast aisa

Correlation Between Time To Live (TTL) And Reachability Across Industries

A pre-determined time frame that you set to deliver your Push Notification campaign is the Campaign Time To Live (TTL) in MoEngage’s dashboard. Push Notification delivery rates differ depending on your Campaign’s Time To Live (TTL).

If the TTL time frame is high, FCM can re-attempt to deliver your Push Notifications that went undelivered due to various reasons.

Please note: Time To Live might be unfavorable for time-sensitive campaigns such as flash sales.

Impact of time to live on push notification delivery rate for various industries

Impact Of Time To Live (TTL) on Reachability and Metrics in Indonesia

As the Campaign Time To Live increases, the Push Notification Click Rate decreases. But you can boost this Push Notification North Star metric with Push Amplification manifolds.

Our analysis shows that in Indonesia, Push Amplification™ significantly boosts the Click Rate to more than 3% when the Campaign Time To Live is set between 1 to 6 hours and 6 to 12 hours.

FCM-only Push Notification delivery rates are at 59% in Indonesia. But with Push Amplification™, you can achieve over 11% uplift in delivery rates at 76%!

Impact of time to live on push notification delivery rate in Indonesia

Impact Of Time To Live (TTL) on Reachability and Metrics in Singapore

In Singapore, our analysis shows that Push Amplification™ gives Push Notification delivery rates as high as 92% within 24 hours of your Campaign Time To Live.

Push Amplification™ helps consumer brands in Singapore get a Click Rate of 5.5% as compared to the 3.71% Click Rate that the FCM-only route gives.

Impact of time to live on push notification delivery rate in Singapore

Impact Of Time To Live (TTL) on Reachability and Metrics in The Philippines

Consumer brands in The Philippines see a Click Rate of 2.72% when the Campaign Time To Live via FCM is between 12 to 24 hours. But with Push Amplification™, the Click Rate increases 2X.

Impact of time to live on push notification delivery rate in Philippines


The latest Push Notification Deliverability Benchmarks show that reaching customers on their mobile devices via Push Notifications has certain challenges.

With aggressive battery optimization in OEMs that dominate the Southeast Asian market, brands need a solution that ensures maximum Push Notification delivery rates

To solve this MoEngage has introduced Push Amplification™, which partners with top OEM providers in Southeast Asia to ensure higher-than-average delivery rates, and in turn, better click-through and conversion rates than other solutions. 


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