One of the biggest challenges for E-commerce marketers is nudging their audience to engage and re-engage with their mobile apps. When there hasn’t been any app activity for a while, it becomes essential for marketers to recapture the audience’s attention. Re-engaged customers have remarkably higher in-app conversion rates, and it is also less costly to convert an existing customer than acquire a new one. That’s why more and more marketers rely now on Push Notifications. To help you in this venture, we’ve assembled a series of Push Notification templates you can copy. Each Push Notification template is crafted to engage users for your E-commerce app.

But first, let’s take a closer look at Push Notifications.

Since customers receive these notifications even when they are not on the app or even if their phones are locked, makes Push Notifications a great channel to deliver real-time messages like limited-time offers, flash sales, order in-transit messages, etc.

Let’s read more about them in detail.

What is a Push Notification?

Push Notifications are pop-up messages that appear on mobile or computer screens. They are similar to SMSs but are only delivered if the specific app is installed on their mobile phones. In E-commerce, Push Notifications include nudges for buying a product, festive deals, special discounts, order updates, and more! 

Push Notifications are clickable, meaning your audiences can take instant action. This makes Push Notifications a very lucrative channel for E-commerce marketers.

Push Notification examples for engagement and retention.

Importance of Push Notifications

Push Notifications are delivered directly to mobile devices and are sent to notify customers about real-time updates, exclusive deals, transactional Push Notifications, urgent reminders, and more. Here are the main functions of Push Notifications.

Complete Control for Marketers

Contrary to other retention tools, Push Notifications provide complete control for you. You can decide on the number and timings of the Push Notifications. You also have the freedom to segregate your audience based on their behaviors, location, and other parameters. This allows you to create relevant and unique content for your Push Notifications that are timely and personalized, resulting in loyal customers in the long haul.

Provide Updates and Urgent News

Push Notifications allow you to time your messages to reach your audiences when they are the most active and send information on delivery timings, order updates, and changes in delivery slots. It also means you can provide information about other time-sensitive deals like flash sales, limited-time discounts, etc.

With Push Notifications, E-commerce brands can be more transparent and provide their customers with relevant real-time updates. 

Decrease Cart Abandonment Rates

One of the most significant issues that E-commerce companies face is abandoned carts. Consumers often wishlist their favorite products, add a few to their carts, and then leave midway, leaving the shopping process incomplete.

Push Notifications provide an easy solution to this problem. Push Notification platforms, such as MoEngage, often allow E-commerce companies to tag those customers who have added items to their carts. E-commerce companies can now re-target those customers with discounts on their favorite products or simply with gentle reminders. You can now provide an offer to your customers that they can’t refuse!

Personalize Push Notification campaigns and make them offers that they can't refuse

Launch New Products

Push Notification platforms allow you to send alerts whenever you add a new product or a range of products. Based on customized segmentation, location, and likes and dislikes of your customers, you can pitch relevant new products to them. For example, recommend a newly launched protein shake to a gym enthusiast who just purchased dumbbells; or a new range of cat toys to keep them active to customers who bought a new cat collar. 

Personalize product recommendations via Push Notification based on location, preferences, past behavior

Increased Customer Engagement With Strategic Push Notification Campaigns

Perhaps the best and most common use of Push Notifications is it creates a top-of-the-mind brand recall for your customers. With mobile customers having a zillion apps on their phones, a simple Push Notification can just be the nudge they need to remember your brand. 

With so many benefits, it is no wonder that every E-commerce marketer today focuses on Push Notifications. However, this also means customers today are flooded with Push Notifications from many different apps. According to a study, the average US smartphone user gets 46 push notifications daily!

With such clutter, it is no wonder that many Push Notifications often go ignored. If you want your customers to act, you must differentiate yourself with the content and presentation of your messaging. 

Want to get your customers’ attention? Push Notifications are the way to go!

Here are some Push Notification templates that you can use for your shopping app.

Push Notification Templates

Use these templates for inspiration and adjust or customize them according to your requirements.

Welcome Notifications

At first, when the customer installs your application, send welcome Push Notifications to grab their attention and get them to perform various actions on your app. It is a great way to introduce your app to the user and get them started. Studies show that even one push notification sent during the first seven days since joining can increase retention rates by as much as 71% over the first two months. 

The idea here is also to get the customer to make their first purchase quickly. Customers who do their first transaction within 24 hrs of signing up for an app are more likely to become repeat buyers. 

Here are the main pointers to keep in mind while creating a welcome notification:

  • Provide a greeting and make your customer feel welcome
  • Provide the customer with a unique, limited-time offer to encourage the first purchase
  • Use acquisition data and provide a discount on the item that has prompted them to install the app

Here’s a welcome Push Notification template:

Few ways to show the value of your app is by sending Push Notifications right after they install your app to create a seamless experience

One Day After the App is Installed

This is especially useful if the user still needs to complete the sign-up process after a day of installing the app. A Push Notification can be a suitable nudge to initiate the signing-in process. 

Here are a few tips to compose a Push Notification like this and convince your customer to sign up:

  • Provide a discount or free shipping as an incentive to complete the sign-up registration
  • Tell your customers that they will receive pre-sale notifications and offers if they sign up for the app
  • Let customers know how hassle-free the sign-up process is and offer to save their delivery address for future purposes

Here is a Push Notification template for you to send Push Notifications after app installation:

Inform users how your push notifications can add value such as to share breaking news or inform about a particular event

Back-in-Stock Alert Messages

Sometimes, your customers would have wishlisted some products but would have seen them out of stock. You can alert users to remind them that their favorite items are back in stock. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind while drafting this reminder:

  • Use the name and the image of the product to send a clear reminder and leave no room for confusion
  • Create excitement with your Push Notification copy along with lucrative discounts
  • Provide a clear CTA that directs them to the desired product page

Here is another Push Notification template for a back-in-stock notification to bring customers back to your app:

Send Push Notifications that alert users about breaking news or stock alerts

Cart Abandonment Notifications

Remind customers with abandoned carts that they might lose out on their favorite products if they leave their purchase incomplete.

Marketers must ensure that these messages are delivered when their customers are the most active to improve their chances of checking out their cart when they receive your notification.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Offer a short, limited-time deal to encourage immediate action
  • Mention that the stock of their favorite item is running out fast to create the fear of missing out (FOMO)
  • Include the exact name and image of the product in the cart to provide a quick recall

Here is a sample Push Notification template designed for conversions:

Boost user engagement with a personalized Push Notification that encourages users to shop during upcoming sales

Notifications Post A Successful Order Placed

Once the order is placed, the in-app messaging should confirm the completion of the transaction. Here are the things that the message should communicate:

  • Order/Invoice number 
  • Product and brand name
  • Date of shipment
  • Date of delivery
  • Details of the mode of payment
  • Support team contact details

Copy this sample Push Notification template for a post-order Push Notification:

Leverage Push Notifications that notify users about the delivery process and order status

Once the Order is Shipped

Sharing an update as soon as the order is shipped won’t only keep the process transparent but will also get customers excited about the arrival of the product. This is also the time to share the live tracking link with them.

Here is the sample template:

Such notifications to create excitement about the order delivery and to also track when the order will be delivered

Order Update Notifications

Send order update notifications to customers at each delivery step—whether it’s about seller confirmation, order dispatch, when it’s out for delivery, or when it’s finally delivered. 

These timely updates make the shipment process transparent and keep the buyers excited. Here are the things you should keep in mind while updating orders:

  • Don’t send the updates at the last moment. Send it well within the time, especially when receiving the product
  • Show all the steps clearly, so the customer knows where their product is going
  • Mention the product name and show the image clearly to avoid confusion with other orders

Share breaking news of order delivery via Push Notifications

After the Order is Delivered

Once you notify your customer about the successful completion of their delivery, this is the perfect time to ask for their feedback and get them to review your app on the app store. Also, ensure that you share the helpline number in case there are any issues with the product delivery. 

Here is a template you can  use directly for this type your Push Notification:

Send messages via Push Notifications to user about successful order delivery

On Order Cancellation

It is essential to understand the reason behind an order cancellation. The first step towards it is acknowledging the canceled order from the app’s side. You can further list a few more possible reasons for this and ask your customers to select the appropriate reason.

Here are a few pointers to add to your form:

  • Did you find a better offer elsewhere
  • You don’t need the product anymore
  • The product was not available in the correct size
  • You expected the product to be delivered sooner
  • You found a bad review about the product
  • Others (ask the user to explain)

Here is a sample Push Notification template to use when a customer cancels an order:

Send a Push Notification upon order cancellation and seeking the customer's feedback that will make customers feel valued

Price Drop Alerts

Online shoppers are often looking for the best deals. Giving them updates on discounts or price drop alerts is one of the best ways to get them hooked. 

Here is how to nail your price drop notifications and drive more sales – 

  • Percentage amounts than the actual number work better
  • Provide timely notifications so that the customer has enough time to complete the purchase
  • Create a sense of urgency by providing a time limit

Here is the template to excite your customers with price drops:

Push Notification templates for multiple price drop alerts or for time sensitive news for different customer segments

Retargeting Notifications

Often, consumers browse, select a few products, wishlist them, and drop them off. Maybe the price differs from their liking, they went to look for the same product on another website, or they are still determining the purchase.

E-commerce marketers must reach/engage this group. They have intentions and purpose of buying the product, and all they need is a little enticement to return to your website. 

Here is what to keep in mind via crafting retargeting notifications:

  • Give them a personalized discount. Show them that you care and want them to have their favorite products
  • Acknowledge where they left off in the buying process, and then encourage them to pick up from where they left off
  • Use their name or the product specification to make the message personalized

Retargeting Push Notifications template:

Retargeting Push Notification campaigns especially help convert dormant customers engaged ones, thus boosting engagement and retention

Notifications About Trivia

Not all your Push Notifications have to be a pitch for your products. Some of the push notifications work that can be just for fun and engage your audience. Sending trivia is one way to engage your audience with your brand.

Here is how to provide value to and re-engage your app users with fun trivia:

  • Use your Push Notification platform’s past behavior and engagement data to offer personalized trivia questions. This will highly engage your audience
  • Keep it short and entertaining. You don’t want to bore your customer with too much information
  • Give a CTA that encourages replies or actions. This will boost your customer engagement

Here is a Push Notification template for your trivia notifications:

Engage users with personalized content or personalize a discount code according to different segments or even location

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