Push Notification deliverability benchmarks help you understand the impact of users’ last activity on Push Notification deliverability and how Push Amplification™ gives an uplift in delivery rates. 

There are several factors that impact user reachability via Push Notifications. One of the critical factors is users’ activity on your app. 

In the Push Notification Deliverability Benchmarks–Users’ Last Activity, 2023, we’ve analyzed customer data to study the impact of users’ app activity and its impact on Push Notification delivery rates. The data includes Push Notification campaigns run by MoEngage customers spanning across 10+ countries in India and Southeast Asia. 

FCM Push Notification Delivery Rates, 2022 | India and Southeast Asia

Delivery rates vary greatly based on the type of app and its usage. This is because different businesses have different frequencies and recency around app usage. Some apps are used more often than others. For example, Travel and hospitality apps aren’t frequently used as much as shopping apps. 

FCM-only push notification delivery rates across industries

Impact Of Users’ Activity On Push Notification Delivery Rates

Push Notification delivery rates differ greatly depending on the app type and its usage. The reason behind this is predominantly because different businesses and industries have different use cases around users’ recency and frequency. Some apps are more frequently used than others. This in turn has a significant impact on Push Notification delivery rates. For instance, shopping apps have better Push Notification delivery rates compared to other apps. Since the pandemic, the recency and frequency of app usage have increased for grocery apps as compared to travel-related apps.

The chart below shows the correlation between users’ app activity parameters and their relative impact on Push Notification deliverability. While recency and number of clicks have an 18% impact on user reachability, the number of app sessions have a 7% impact on Push Notification deliverability. 

Correlation of users activity with push notification delivery rates

Correlation Between Various User Activity Parameters And Reachability

There is a direct correlation between the users’ last activity on the app and the Push Notification delivery rate. The highest delivery rate of over 80% has been observed for apps that had app activity in the last 24 hours.

Impact of users last activity on push notification delivery rates

Correlation Between App Inactivity And User Reachability

As the duration of inactivity increases, the user reachability decreases.  Around 84% of the consumers who did not receive Push Notifications were inactive for the previous 4 weeks. As the duration of inactivity increases, the user reachability decreases.

What this means is that FCM might not be able to reach and deliver your Push Notifications to these inactive users’ devices.

Push notification successfully sent but not delivered to end devices

Impact Of Recent App Activity On Push Notification User Reachability

MoEngage’s analysis uncovered that the recency in app interaction increases user reachability. Of all the consumers who successfully received Push Notifications, around 73% were last active within the previous 2 weeks.

Impact of users last activity on push notification delivery rates

Impact of Push Amplification™ On Boosting Push Notification Delivery

In the charts below, we can see that Push Amplification™ shows a drastic improvement in Push Notification delivery rates.

Push Amplification™ is not limited by the restrictions that the FCM-only delivery route. This translates to your Northstar Metrics growing at scale, with an improvement in customer engagement and conversions. 

FCM only delivery rates vs push amplification delivery rates based on users last activity
FCM-only delivery rates vs push amplification delivery rates on Xiaomi devices


Our data shows that to improve user reachability via Push Notifications in 2023, it’s imperative to optimize and improve the users’ app interaction.  

There are various parameters that are attributed to app activity parameters, such as clicks, app opens, recency of app interaction, last seen, and more!

MoEngage’s Push Amplification™ technology helps you boost Push Notification deliverability and helps your Northstar metrics grow. 


Namraata Badheka

Namraata Badheka

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